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No turning back now.

My studio, Denver Dance, is not ordinary. It is not like any other studio, and that is what makes it even harder to make this successful. My studio may not be for everyone, but I know it will be right for some. When you think of a dance studio, you probably picture a studio located in a strip mall, and there is nothing wrong with that. But I knew for me that is not what I wanted. I wanted my studio to be all mine and located at home. I guess you could call my studio a home studio, even though it is not located in my home, but on the same property as my home. Growing up in a musical family, and being a musician myself, it is extremely common to teach music students out of the home. Dance on the otherhand is not. But I am going to change that.
My studio was built for my needs. The basic shell is a Tuff Shed. When you think of a shed you probably think of a tiny shack in the backyard used to store tools and such. Well a large shed is actually a small building. They are built just how a house is built. So my shed is now pretty decked out with wood floors, 12 foot ceiling and mirrors….and I love it.

So when new students walk behind my house and see a super large shed, what do they think? They think it is pretty cool! It is a place where you can learn to dance. I have studied with the best and still do. I want to continue passing on what I know, and if people are truly interested in learning how to dance, it shouldn’t matter if you are in the street with the car stereo blaring, or at a friends house, or in a shed, or in a fancy strip mall. All that matters is your learning and having fun.

So come and see the “shed” dance studio and lets start dancing.

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