Hip Hop Fusion
Mar 16, 2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
2 Spots Open

Class mixes in lots of hiphop with other styles such as improv and Afro dance

Class always starts with a quick warm up some across the floors to stay focused on technique and stay current with vocabulary and detail.

Combos are taught in a very easy to learn format using counts and musicality.

Music choices are very eclectic ... the whole idea of why it’s a fusion class is there will be dance styles taught that cross genres .. for instance you may be taught a combo to dance music with hiphop moves , or a hiphop song to African style dances ... etc. you get the idea.

The whole idea is to be experience and explore your bodies .. sense of music and dance and most of all have tons of fun doing so in an environment that fosters fun and growth

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Victor Adeniran
Image of Instructor

Victor Adeniran was born in Denver Colorado but grew up in Nigeria where his love for the arts led him to dancing and visual arts. He studied extensively in Afro dance and jazz. Upon moving to the u it’s states he performed with and continued his education at Paloma’s college San Marcos California with a concentration in dance improv. He also danced with companies such as Culture Shock San Diego and Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Upon moving to Denver Victor has performed with and studied under companies such as Moth poetic circus, and has continued to grow as a dancer partnering up with CLI studios to bring to himself and his students the greatest and latest in dance trends.