Beg/Inter Lyra
May 27, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
1 Spots Open

Join us for a fun, challenging class that will set you up for a great start to your lyra journey! Janelle will help you develop clean, safe, technique and a healthy relationship to your apparatus. This class is appropriate for students with no aerial experience up through those who have some experience with lyra, and for students of any level who want to revisit the basics with an eye on safety and technique! 

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Ashley Smith
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Ashley AKA “Evelyn Violetear” started with a background in hip hop and contemporary dance. She began her aerial training several years ago and quickly became obsessed with aerial dance. She then started pursuing a career as an aerial performer. Ashley started teaching in 2018 but has performed at various clubs & events in Dallas and in Denver also touring with shrine circus in 2016.