Soften and Stretch
May 21, 2019
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
3 Spots Open

This all-levels flexibility class will help wind down your hectic day. Professional contortionist, Janelle (Dinosaurs) Peters will guide the class through gentle and deep stretches in a peaceful, meditative environment. We will focus on alignment and helping improve your brain-body connection for better flexibility in all your endeavours. 

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Janelle Peters
Image of Instructor

Janelle is a professional contortionist and aerialist from the San Francisco bay area. Janelle coaches her aerial and flexibility students with a style informed by her background in dance and education theory. She empowers her students to identify and pursue their own goals, while emphasizing the importance of safety and technique. Described as humorous, encouraging, exploratory, and warm, Janelle creates a personal connection with students that persists outside of the classroom. She works with all ages and skill levels, and excels with students who are exploring their artistic identities. Janelle coaches act development with a unique perspective produced by her training as a therapist and in physical theater method; exploratory, unflinching, and holistic. Janelle completed an apprenticeship with the Paperdoll Militia and has been teaching since 2013, at Poletential, Ascend Aerial Arts, Aerial Artique, and Kinetic Arts Center. Janelle was the Aerial Program Lead Instructor at Ascend Aerial Arts before her move to Colorado in 2017. She is currently the Education Director at MOTH Contemporary Circus Center in Denver, and coaches at multiple studios in the Denver area. Janelle is also the brain behind @cirque_psych on Instagram: an account dedicated to conversations about mental health, brain health and wellbeing in circus.