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Flying In The Woods



Ayla and I started aerial training together in February of 2020 and by the end of March our first routine was ready to perform.  We were so excited to show all of our hard work, but then a global pandemic struck and naturally, priorities and focuses shifted.  Since we no longer had the opportunity to perform live on a stage we decided to direct our attention towards a video to showcase our work and give meaning to the hours we dedicated to practicing.

A portion of the $5.00 spent will be going directly to a nonprofit organization called Arts Street whose mission statement really aligns with our own personal beliefs. (

Arts Street is very special to me personally because my father, Gerald Endsley, ran the music program there while I ran the dance program.  Working with youth and giving them access to the arts was a very rewarding experience and has stuck with me ever since.  Both Ayla and I believe that giving youth the chance to personally experience the arts is invaluable and is a catalyst for positive change in the world.

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