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Benefit and Recital!

So, My friend Diane who is a wonderful talented dancer, but also a writer and web designer…yes go check out her site! we are going to be holding a benefit/recital on Saturday December 4th.  The benefit is for a woman who is a pole dancer and fell off the pole doing a move and is now paralyzed.  Pretty damn scary and sad.  I don’t want people to start putting down pole dancing now or start saying how dangerous it is, because honestly there are many activites that are just as dangerous such as gymnastics and football!

So, we are so excited to raise money to help her out.  The night will consist of a silent auction, raffle, food and 3 poles will be set up for everyone to try out some pole dance moves.  I am aso going to have some of my Denver Dance students perform!!

We will be posting some more info with details soon, but wanted to start the buzz and let everyone know what will be happening and I hope to see some familiar and new faces there.

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